Chefs for Seniors Citrus-Heights-Folsom-ca

Chef Ingrid has been cooking for me this past year and I love everything about the experience! The meals are healthy. The menu is personalized to my taste. The portion sizes are perfect - t’s easy-peasy to go into the freezer, grab a container, and reheat a delicious home-cooked meal! Chef Ingrid is a delight. She works efficiently. I trust her immensely with my meals and in our home. And she’s very personable while she’s working. I can either sit and visit, take a nap!, or go about my day. (And our puppy loves her too :). I can’t say enough good things. Some people have gardeners. Some have house-cleaners. I choose to have a personal chef and it’s made an immense difference in my eating habits and efficient use of my time!


Response from Chefs for Seniors Citrus-Heights-Folsom-ca Thank you Lela, for your thoughtful words! I enjoy making meals for you; you are such an appreciative client which makes feel marvelous!
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